DSC_0219     Shiloh Youth Ranch was founded in 1965 and is a faith-based ministry that is dedicated to reaching out to young men to touch their lives both spiritually and physically. The principles of God’s Word are taught throughout the week through our morning chapel services, mid-week service, and during school.  The boys in the program attend our on-site school and spend time doing vocational training throughout the week.
Farm Pic              During vocational time each boy is assigned to a work crew.  Under the supervision of a counselor, he learns to cooperate with fellow crew-members to complete tasks such as maintaining the grounds, buildings, machinery, and caring for the livestock that we have on the ranch,  They live in a home-like atmosphere with their cottage parents.  Meals are served family style at our Dining Hall.  We also incorporate many recreational sports and free time.  The boys enjoy basketball, swimming, fishing, Gaga ball, and softball.  
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